Best SEO Strategies in 2016

According to experts, when you are doing great with your set of SEO strategy, your business will basically benefit. However, SEO strategies are also moving forward. It means that what you are doing in 2006 will not be the same thing with what you do in 2016.

seo1If you are to ask successful online marketers, there are two aspects that make a certain website rank online. These factors are (1) great content and (2) link generation. Although there are several search engines that marketers are utilizing, the value of ranking in Google is quite high as compared to others.

To help you get the exposure that you want for your website, here are some of the best SEO strategies as advised by the top SEO academy :

The first strategy that will solidify your marketing strategy in 2016 is developing content. According to well experienced online marketers, there is the need to always create content strategies that revolves around your set of keywords. What’s amazing about contents like Webinars, research reports, whitepapers, videos and blog posts is it will give online users something that they can link to.

Moreover, your popular posts have the ability to rank itself on search engine. If this happens, it means that the contents you are creating are doing their respective job which is getting online users to the main money site. Many high ranking pages linking to your site will basically give the main money site quality links. What search engines this 2016 are looking for are quality contents as opposed to massive links practiced years before.

The second tip is generating backlinks that are powerful. Getting people link to your main money site is really important. Once your backlinks are organic, the backlinks become powerful; they are being counted by search engine algorithms, according to ODMsoft company. As much as possible, you should hire two kinds of experts to get this thing right such as content marketing strategist and influencer.

If you want to compete with the powerful backlinks of your rival firms then there is the need to track down the backlinks that they have online. According to experts, using tools like Majestic, will help you analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Once you have identified the links, you can match them by getting the same links too.

If you want to be updated when it comes to SEO strategy this 2016, hiring consultants and legit practitioners is really essential. If you will do the implementations by yourself then make sure to add fresh and personalized strategies in your backlink generation and organic backlinking.