Wise Pieces of Advice to Follow When Creating Hotel Website Design to Drive More Sales

How to Get More Hotel Bookings from Your Website

Whether you own a large or a small hotel chain, your main goal must be to encourage potential guests to book directly via your web pages. Although advertising your site on third party booking websites is a good idea, design a good hotel website design can lead you to direct bookings through your website. Direct bookings can help you in cutting costs from third party sites or channels, build a solid foundation, and enhance your brand’s image.

63Follow these wise advices from hotel website developers to drive more bookings through your website.

Tip #1: Design your homepage simply with a clear call to action. Ask yourself this question: If there is only one thing that you would want your visitors to do from your homepage, what would it be? If your goal is to have more direct bookings, make sure that you include a prominent availability of your rooms and a reservation box.

Tip #2: Strategically position your booking contact details. Make it a point that once a guest contacts you via the phone number you posted in your site, they receive more personalised service. See to it that your potential customers can contact you easily via the number you put in your homepage, which is located prominently in your homepage.

Tip#3: Promote your unique selling point properly. The point is for you to get across to the public why your hotel is unique and special. This is the best thing about having a direct booking option on your website. When you try to sell your service in travel booking sites, your hotel will not receive much attention.

Tip #4: Use excellent quality images only. Visitors would want to know what would they get if they book with you. So make it certain that the images you put in your gallery are appealing and enticing. Most of all, they should be able to convey the “look and feel” of your hotel. If you take pride in providing warmth and comfort to your guests, make sure that the images you use make that impression as well.

Tip #5: Don’t forget to include trust signals. Certificates of excellence, star ratings, best price guarantees, and integration of reviews are some of the signals that you can add to assure your potentials that your products and services are of high quality and are not fake or scam.

Tip #6: The booking process must be as easy as possible. This is quite obvious but most hotel website design fail to adhere to this rule. Always remember that not all potential guests are tech-savvy so there’s no use of incorporating complex booking processes and designs.

Tip#7: Don’t hesitate to be persuasive. Look for ways to give your customer persuasive nudges to complete their booking. If you offer no credit card fee or booking fee, highlight it. You may also include offers to those who book a month or a couple of months before the date of check in.

Tip#8: Highlight special offers. Everybody wants to grab some free stuff or discounts. Hence, consider giving them some discounts or freebies if they book directly through your website.

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